Syrma SGS Technology IPO Allotment Today How to check share allotment status online on BSE, Link Intime also check full timeline

Syrma SGS Technology IPO Allotment | How to Check Status via BSE, Link Intime, GMP | Syrma SGS Technology IPO Allotment Status via BSE Website at www.bseindia.com ipo allotment status

Syrma SGS Technology IPO share allotment status will be finalised today. Have you received shares of Syrma SGS Techn IPO? Here is a step-by-step guide to check you Syrma SGS Technology IPO share allotment status

Syrma SGS Technology IPO Allotment: The share earmarked for non-institutional investors was subscribed for 17.50 times, while the retail individual investors (RIIs) portion was subscribed for 5.53 times. The Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIBs) led the subscription as they bid for 87.56 times on the closing day. On Tuesday, August 23, the share allotment status of Syrma SGS Technology’s initial public offering (IPO) will be decided. Investors responded reasonably well to the electronic manufacturing services company’s public offering. The 2.85 crore shares that were offered during the subscription period for the Syrma SGS Technology IPO were subscribed 32.61 times more than that amount.

Syrma SGS Technology IPO Share Allotment Status 

According to information available with the National Stock Exchange, the Syrma SGS Technology IPO got bids for over 93.14 crore shares against the overall issue size of over 2.85 crore shares (NSE). The segment reserved for qualified institutional buyers (QIBs) received 87.56 times as many subscriptions. The number of times the shares allocated to non-institutional investors (NIIs) were booked was 17.50. Retail individual investors’ (RIIs’) designated category received 5.53 times as many subscriptions.

Syrma SGS Technologies IPO

On Thursday the final day to subscribe for the IPO every category of investors showed a great deal of interest in Syrma SGS Technology’s IPO. According to the NSE, the Initial Public was subscribed 32.61 times on Thursday’s final trading day. According to NSE data, bids for the Syrma SGS Technology IPO’s 2,85,63,816 shares got 93,14,84,536 bids. Any time today, an announcement could be made on the completion of the share allotment for the Syrma SGS Technologies IPO (initial public offering). Therefore, persons who have applied for the public issue can check the status of their application online by checking in at the BSE website or the official Linkintime website. After the subscription period ended, the share price of Syrma SGS Technologies remained constant at between 55 and 58 rupees per equity share. Market watchers claim that shares of Syrma SGS Technologies are currently trading on the black market at a premium of 55.

How to Check Syrma SGS Technology IPO Allotment Status via BSE Website

1] Log in at bseindia.com/investors/applicheck.aspx, a direct BSE connection

2] Choose the IPO for Syrma SGS Technologies

3] Enter the application number for Syrma SGS Technologies’ IPO

4] Provide your PAN information

5] Select “I’m not a robot” then

6) Press the “Submit” button.

How to Check Syrma SGS Technology IPO Allotment Status via Link Intime India

1) Visit Link Intime India Private Limited’s website at https://www.bseindia.com/investors/appli_check.aspx. https://www.linkintime.co.in/IPO/public-issues.html to start.

2) In the drop box, choose the IPO labelled “Syrma SGS Technology IPO.” It should be noted that the IPO’s name won’t be displayed until the allotment is complete.

3) Choose one of the following three options: “PAN,” “Application Number,” or “DP Client ID.”

4) Choose between ASBA and non-ASBA in the application type field.

5) Enter the information for the mode you chose.

  • Syrma SGS Technology share allotment date: August 25, 2022 
  • Syrma SGS Technology IPO listing date: August 26, 2022 
  • Dates as per discount broker Upstox.

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