Russell Wilson of the Broncos claims he “let the team down.” in OT defeat

Broncos’ Russell Wilson says he ‘let the team down’ in OT loss

DENVER – Russell Wilson, the quarterback for the Denver Broncos, continued to extol the virtues of chance and faith on Thursday night, but after his team’s humiliating 12-9 overtime loss to the Indianapolis Colts, in which he threw two interceptions, Wilson was unrepentant in his assessment of his performance. At the end of the day, Wilson stated, “I’ve got to be better, I’ve got to play better.” “Tonight’s defence gave it their all, and we had some crucial successful drives. Ultimately, throwing two interceptions is not possible. Can’t occur. I disappointed the squad tonight.”

With just over two minutes remaining in regulation, the Broncos had a chance to win the game when Wilson threw his second interception. The final play of the game was his erroneous throw on fourth-and-inches from the Colts’ 6-yard line in overtime when he failed to spot an open KJ Hamler and attempted to jam the ball in to Courtland Sutton instead. “We made a wise play call. Guy made a smart move “Wilson remarked. “I was prepared to change places if necessary. We took action. We wanted to win the game; we didn’t want it to end in a tie. Whatever it takes, I have to find a way to make a play.”

Wilson struggled throughout much of the night, completing only 21 of his 39 passes for 274 yards with no touchdowns and two interceptions. In the first half, he only completed 9 out of 17 passes for 69 yards. The Broncos’ problems in the red zone persisted as they failed to score a touchdown and have only managed two scores in their last three home games. They were bottom in the league going into the game for red zone scoring, and they won’t move up the list after Thursday. When scores on either of those drives would have likely secured the Broncos the victory, Wilson threw both of his picks in the fourth quarter on plays that started within Colts territory.

“We thought we ought to have won that game. Wilson remarked, “I felt like I let us down tonight. There is still a lot of season and potential, he continued. Although there is a lot of good, the bad is also bad. The game ought to have gone our way. It’s my fault. After the game, Wilson briefly chatted with an obviously furious Hamler, and several of his teammates also stopped to chat with Wilson as he sat in front of his locker, still in uniform, well over an hour later. Be in touch with our website to get regular updates.

Regarding the offensive woes, Hamler stated, “Gotta finish, execute. “Just improve our execution, please. Defense is kicking their ass, and we need to support them more effectively. I made every effort. I fought off my ass. The offence successfully resisted it.” On Thursday, Wilson was examined for a concussion in the second half but was given the all-clear to play again by the on-site medical experts.

I addressed every one of their inquiries, he claimed. In the days preceding the game, Wilson’s right shoulder ailment was also noted on the Broncos’ injury report. Wilson remarked, “It’s having these terrible plays. “On us, that. All of that is on the players. I’ll start things off. It’s not the fault of Coach Hackett or anyone else.” The Denver Broncos’ 12-9 overtime loss to the Indianapolis Colts on Thursday night was attributed on Russell Wilson. Wilson stated he “let the team down” in a post-game interview with media after tossing two interceptions in the fourth quarter. At the end of the day, I have to be better and play better, Wilson continued. “It’s quite simple. “Tonight’s defence gave it their all, and we had some crucial successful drives. Ultimately, it is impossible to throw two interceptions. Can’t occur.” Wilson attempted to pass off his back foot on a third down, which led to the first interception. The pass was meant for K.J. Hamler, who was, however, around nine yards away when it ended up in the clutches of Colts safety Rodney Thomas II.

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