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Parrot Goes Missing, Madhya Pradesh Man Offers ₹ 10,000 Cash Reward

The owner of the parrot has put up posters all across the city.

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Videos of a Sarus crane’s friendship with a guy in Uttar Pradesh became viral on social media a few months ago. The unusual bond touched people, and the bird’s unwavering devotion to its human lover astounded them. A man is desperately looking for his missing parrot in Damoh, Madhya Pradesh, when a similar love tale comes to light. A 10,000 dollar reward is being offered by Deepak Soni on posters posted all around the city to anyone who can help him locate his favorite parrot.
Additionally, he has paid autorickshaw drivers to post announcements throughout the city in an effort to recruit assistance in his search for the missing bird.

“The parrot, who was adored by my entire family, has been gone since last night. When my father put it outside yesterday, it took off. The parrot can’t fly correctly, which worries me,” Mr. Soni remarked.

He also requested assistance in locating the parrot. It took off last week as well and returned on its own. We haven’t seen him at all this time, though,” Mr. Soni continued.

India is home to the green parrot with a beak that curves and colorful feathers. For the past two years, this specific bird has resided with Mr. Soni’s family.

“I believe it is concealed somewhere. Some stray dogs growled at the parrot, which caused it to fly. We have been searching for the bird since 2am, so we are very upset. Prahsant Sharma, a friend of Mr. Soni, stated, “I am requesting anyone who finds it to call us on the numbers mentioned on the poster and we will pay 10,000 cash prize.”

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Mr. Soni stated that in order to get his pet bird back, he is willing to pay even more.

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