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House Allotment Chandigarh/ E-Awas ChandigarhThe allotment of Government houses in Chandigarh is regulated by the housing allotment Committee. There are probably 14000 houses total, divided among several types. The website was developed with the applicants and beneficiaries of Government Houses’ questions and issues in mind in an effort to make the system clear and user-friendly. All government employees working for the union government who are based in Chandigarh are eligible to submit an application for government housing through the E Awas Chandigarh portal.

By registering on the website, qualified officials can quickly submit an online application for the Chandigarh residence. Out of the 11,960 housing units that are now available in Chandigarh, more than 10,400 have been assigned utilising the E-Awas platform. Here is how to register on E-Awas Chandigarh, how to apply for government quarters in Chandigarh, how to cancel the application on E-Awas Chandigarh, how to track the status of your application on E-Awas Chandigarh, how to bid for accommodation on e-Awas and how Chandigarh-based government workers can use the E-Sampada or E-Awas Portal to apply for the GPRA Chandigarh. The Housing Ministry started the E-Sampada platform to speed up the allocation procedure.

Eligibility requirements for Chandigarh’s government housing applications

With the joint secretary’s or an officer of equal standing in the relevant ministry’s permission, proposals for the site of offices in Chandigarh should be sent to the directorate. The following details should be included in the proposal. Status of the office, i.e., whether it is an independent organization or a public sector undertaking.
source, such as the Consolidated Fund of India or another fund, from which the executives and personnel will be paid. Whether the officers and employees are qualified for residential housing from any other pool. Accommodation Category Wise Seniority List. Application Type. Select Application Type, TYPE A- Fresh Allotments i.e. applicant with no Govt and other details area available in the e- Awas Chandigarh web portal.

Seniority List for House Allotment

Separate seniority lists will be kept for academic and staff employees falling under categories Type 1 to Type 11, Transit accommodation, Judges Houses, Flat Old/ New Home. Candidates can get the Accommodation Category Wise Seniority List is available at the e-Awas official website at by selecting the Application Type and Accommodation Category.

Types of e-was Application

  • TYPE A- Fresh Allotments i.e. applicant with no Govt. House
  • TYPE B: Applicant applied in different Category (for higher Category)
  • TYPE C- Applied for change of House i.e. applicant applying in same
  • TYPE D- Applicant having own private house in Tricity
  • TYPE E- All applications for a particular category of Houses

How to register on E-Awas Chandigarh?

To register for the General Pool Residential Accommodation Allotment on E-Awas Chandigarh, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Visit the E-Awas Chandigarh portal in step one (click here).

E-Awas Chandigarh

Step 2: Click on ‘Register Yourself’. You will be redirected to a new page.

house allotment E-Awas Chandigarh

Step 3: Enter the necessary information, including your mobile number, Aadhaar card number, and employee name as listed on your employment ID or in the department.

Step 4: Choose the Login ID you’d like to use to access the E-Awas application.

Step 5: Using a calendar, mention the joining date.

Step 6: From the drop-down option for bidding, choose the session.

Once you submit the information, you will receive a password and confirmation on both your email address and mobile device. You can now apply for a government apartment on E-Awas Chandigarh using your login information.

How to apply for government quarters in Chandigarh?

For the allotment of houses, all government employees based in Chandigarh must submit an online application exclusively. The steps to apply for government accommodations are as follows:

Step 1: Go to the e-Sampada portal and select “Government Residential Accommodation”.

Step 2: Log in using your official email address or registered mobile number.

Step 3: After logging in, you can fill out the DE-II form and continue with the steps as directed.

After enrolling on E-Awas, you may also apply for GPRA allotment in Chandigarh by following the detailed procedure:

Step 1: To log in to E-Awas after successfully registering, select “Login” from the top menu. You’ll be taken to a different page.

 Step 2: Log in with your previously generated ID and password. You must alter the randomly generated password the first time you log in.

Step 3: Complete and double-check the information you gave in the application form.

Step 4: After your eligibility has been confirmed, you can apply for the quarters by selecting the appropriate category. You must be cautious while choosing the category because choosing the incorrect one could result in the application being denied.

Step 5: Make your selection and print your application. Send the printout to the department where you work for verification, and have the department head sign it.

Step 6: You must submit your application to the Chandigarh Administration’s House Allotment Committee after receiving HoD approval.

How can I cancel my E-Awas Chandigarh application?

Applications can only be cancelled if they have not yet been submitted and forwarded through the department to the Chandigarh Administration’s House Allotment Committee. You must sign into your account, choose the application, and press the “Cancel” option in order to cancel.

How to track application status on Chandigarh’s E-Awas website?

By selecting “Application History” on your account, you may view the status of your application. Based on the ID, applicant name, application date, and application status, you can follow the progress of the application.

How do I submit an e-Awas bid for accomodation?

The steps to submit a bid for E-Awas lodging are as follows:
Step 1: After receiving approval from the House Allotment Committee, you will be able to go into your account and see the application number active.

Step 2: Fill out the three options for accommodations and choose the application number for the bidding procedure. Choose the sector and floor for each sector.

Step 3: After carefully considering your options, submit your application after being chosen. If necessary, edit it; otherwise, submit the bid. You won’t be able to make changes to your bid once it has been submitted. You can take part in the bidding process up until you run out of quarters. ALLOTMENT CHANDIGARH ALLOTMENT DETAILS LINK-

APPLY For House

1. You are advised to go through these instructions before proceeding further  >> Here<<

2. Search Houses with Sector Number and House Number >><<Click Here

3. To Check Eligibility Criteria >><<Click Here

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