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CFA l1 results 2022 @ CFA® Exam Results and Pass Rates – CFA Institute

CFA l1 results 2022 | CFA Exam Results Released date: 04.10.2022 | CFA Level 1 Result AUG 2022 download at

The AUG 2022 level 1 CFA exam results will be made public on October 4, 2022, according to the CFA Institute. On October 11, level 2 CFA candidates can anticipate their exam results. The results of the CFA exam for Level 3 students might not be available until November! The standard procedure for publishing CBT results has been, so far, as follows: CFA test date + 6-7 weeks for level 1, 7-8 weeks for level 2, and 8-9 weeks for level 3. The first results to be made public will be for the level 1 and level 2 CFA exams in AUG 2022, which will be about 5 weeks after the CBT exam has concluded. Results for the CFA exam are typically announced on Tuesday or Thursday.

You will be given information on how well you did on each topic area as well as a “pass” or “fail” RESULTS. (Level III pass candidates won’t get full results.) The CFA Institute exam performance guide can be used by candidates to interpret their results. As soon as your official exam results are available, CFA Institute will let you know. Candidates may sign up for the subsequent exam after receiving their CFA exam results. Candidates who don’t pass are urged to retake the exam at a later time and use the exam result information to direct their study. Before registering for the upcoming exam, candidates may take as much time as they require.

CFA Exam Pass Rates

CFA Level I Exam Pass Rate

  • August 2022 CFA Level I exam pass rate: 37%

CFA Level II Exam Pass Rate

  • February 2022 CFA Level II exam pass rate: 44%

CFA Level III Exam Pass Rate

  • May 2022 CFA Level III exam pass rate: 49%

CFA Exam Minimum Passing Score

The CFA Institute Board of Governors establishes the minimal passing score (MPS) for each level following each exam administration. This strategy takes into account the difficulty of each test when determining the MPS, ensuring fairness to applicants between administrations. Individual candidate scores or MPS results are not made public by CFA Institute.

Exam results are accessible for roughly a year following the test date. After this time, candidates can generate and download a verification letter from the Verification Letter section in their Account Profile to demonstrate their participation in the CFA Program. The topic area performance summary won’t be published, but the verification letter will indicate whether you passed or failed the exam.

How do I download CFA Level 1 results? 

Steps to Download Result of CFA level 1 for AUG 2022 Session

Select the CFA level 1 course. Enter the verified credentials: Email address and password. Select the result option to see the results. The detailed CFA level 1 May 2022 result will be presented on the screen.

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